Bluebonnets at the Farmhouse

Another capture of the bluebonnets farmhouse in Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country. The Texas lupine or bluebonnet is one of the most popular things to see in the spring time in Texas. People come from all over to enjoy these colorful wildflowers. However ever year is not the bumper crop we expect some year depending on the amount of rain we get in the fall determines what we get in the spring. We have seen bumper crops of wildflowers some year which have been beyond our expectations other years not so much. I wanted to post this image because I have reason to believe this might be the last year we will see bluebonnets at this old farmhouse. This place has drawn photographers from all around both amature and pros to this spot because of it uniqeness with the old farm house and rusting farm equipment place just so in the front of the place. In 1971 the Texas Legislature declare all bluebonnets in the state to be the state flower. Also around this time Lady Bird Johnson had help push the Texas Highway Beautification Act so that we would continue to see all these wonderful wildflowers along our roads and highways. Thats what make springtime in the Hill country special.

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Bluebonnet Farmhouse : Prints Available

Another capture of the bluebonnet farm house in the Texas Hill Country from a lower angle. This seems to be an endless field of bluebonnets up to the house and then these wonderful blue skies with puffy white cloud.  We have taken a lot of photos of this house in the Hill country but today we have these nice skies brought us back for another visit. This was the last year we will see bluebonnets from here so wanted to make sure we got them out.

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