Austin Congress Bridge Bats

Austin Congress Bridge Bats – The Austin Congress Bridge Bat come out from under the bridge on a nightly basis from March to October every year. It draws a crowd of locals to tourist to see at least once while here. The Ann Richards Congress Bridge bat watch becomes almost a festival event now with hundreds of people on the bridge, on boats and along the hike and bike trail near the American statesman. There are people playing music, selling stuff, almost nightly. The bats can be seen from anywhere in this area but our favorite viewing area is at the bridge. There are something like 1.5 million Mexican Freetail bats that come out after the sun sets but in this time of year there are many more as the baby bat are now flying so there number increase. People come to Austin and along with the State Capital the bats are right there in popularity as a must see while here. The sky picked up this wonderful orange glow as we photographed this scene at the Austin Congress
Bridge bats show as we have done so many times before only this time we had bats! Yes the bats have been very elusive to us at times but it seems this is one of the best time of year to catch them. So we took another chance and went back into downtown Austin to see if we could capture a decent shot. The bats were all coming out at the same time in waves this time so the sky would explode with bats for at least five minutes and then they were gone or separating out to go their own ways. This image capture one of the many shots of the Austin Congress Bridge Bats we photographed on this night.

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Austin Bats at Dusk : Prints Available

Austin Bats at Dusk – Well the bats put on a show tonight as millions of mexican free tail bats came out at dusk as the sky had this nice sunset glow still going on. The sun had set and we were thinking about going when they started comming out in droves so it was worth the wait. We have chased the bats over the year as they never come out at the same time. Tonight we still had enough light to capture the bats as they errupted out from under the Congress Bridge right at dusk on Lady Bird Lake. You can see the people on the bridge watching as the bats erupt from under the bridge. It is on most peoples to do list now to go to the Austin bat watch at least once.  The whole thing has taken on a festival like feel as their are musicians playing their music, people selling twisted balloons to the kids and all kinds of other vendors selling something to the crowds of people.  You can view the bats from several locations from the bridge, along the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird lake from the water where you can go by one of the many tour boats or rent a sup or canoe to see the bats.    

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