Austin Skyline Glow

Austin Skyline Glow – Austin skyline aerial as the sunset leaves this orange glow over Lady Bird Lake shoreline. The high rise buildings continue to grow along the town lake or Lady Bird Lake and on this aerial we can see we are almost done with building along the lake once the Independent or Jingle as some call it, is completed next year. Not really but just thought I would say it, but the truth is there are plans for two more 800 ft plus buildings in the same area over the next few year it seem they would be out of space to build in that area I guess not. In any case the downtown view along the lake has been changing almost yearly so we will see what come next. Austin skyline is a modern since most of the buildings have been built in the last ten years or so. Austin has many things to do in the city from the many parks, hike and bike trails, boating, barton springs, museums, along with live music events and UT sporting events to keep any one satisfied. Austin is situated in central texas at the beginning of the hill country where there are two lakes close by like Lake Austin, along with Lake Travis which are less than 30 minutes away for boating, swimming and other lake activities. Austin is a high tech town with lot of business related to that along with it is home to University of Texas and the State Capital.

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Austin Skyline Sunset Aerial : Prints Available

Austin Skyline Sunset Aerial  – Austin Aerial skyline view at Twilight taken from a birds eye view. This is another aerial image of the Austin skyline twilight view looking down Lady Bird Lake with the city modern high rise buildings along the shoreline of the lake and looking north over IH35 where you can see the UT stadium and Erwin Center in the distant view. You can see Austin tallest building the Austonian which for a few months longer will hold that title till the Independent is completed sometime before the end of the year. It has been hard to capture images of Austin skyline from anywhere along the hike and bike trail because they are constantly adding new building along the shoreline. About the time you think they are done new cranes show up. Just recently found out that we will have two new buildings along the town lake shoreline once more and they will be taller than the Independent so its title will not last long. Just like all good things they don’t last long you can barely see the top of the Frost building, at one time it was the tallest building in the skyline. The cityscape has been constantly changing for years and I guess until all the land is gone it will continue. Actually from this spot in the 70’s you had a straight on view of the Texas Capital those days have been gone for many years now you may be able to see the top of the dome if you look hard enough in this view.

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