Big Bend National Park Bluebonnets

In this image in Big Bend National Park and state park out in west Texas and we found a few Bluebonnets patches along the side of the road. There were not many and appeared to be in clumps but what we did notice is they were taller than any other lupine we had ever seen before in Texas. The big bend bluebonnets grow to be 3-4 ft high and are a much deeper blue than other lupine wildflowers. In 1901 the Texas legislature made the bluebonnet the Texas State flower. However, in 1971 the Texas legislature made all Texas lupines as the state flower which include the Big Bend variety. The bluebonnet in Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park are a different variety of flowers from the rest of texas wildflowers the are taller and my drought toleriant and have a deeper blue color.

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Bluebonnets in Big Bend : Prints Available

Bluebonnets are all along the roadside in Big Bend National Park. These are some of the tallest and deep blue bluebonnets. They are some sort of hybrid wildflowers that will only grow on in this desert area.

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