Milkyway At the Ranch

Milkyway At the Ranch – In Texas we say everything is bigger that includes the stars in the Milky Way we just capture in this nightscapes in this summer sky over this ranch land in the Hill Country. These days it is now getting harder and harder to capture those stars images because of light polution from even small towns so we have to travel farther and farther out in the Texas Hill Country to capture a night sky where there a lot of stars without a lot of light pollution. In this image we had to go west past Llano Texas just to find an area where we could even see the milky way. We did manage to find a ranch with a nice gate and waited till the Milky Way was just right and light paint gate just enough so we had a soft light on the gate with the galaxy behind.

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Milky Way at the Ranch –  The milkyway can be seen from this angle in Texas late at night in the evening only a few times a year so we took advantage and capture a few shots. The milkyway is the galaxy that contains our solar system. The term milky is derived from the appearance from earth of the galaxy. The stars that make up the milky way are giant, luminous spheres of plasma and the galaxies consist of stars, stellar remnants, dust, gas, and dark matter, bound together by gravity. It is not alway easy to see the stars or the milky way because of light pollution in our area so we travel west where there is less pollution but you have to go to Big Bend area inorder to get really dark skies in Texas. For us this time it was not possible to go there but we were able to capture the milky way out past Llano Texas.  We alway like to have something in our images that has meaning that shows a sense of place to our images.  We came across this simple traditional Texas scene of a gate at the entrance to a ranch in the Texas Hill Country west of Llano Texas and like the look.  We like the simple gate with the wired shaped in the state of Texas and with a backdrop of the milky way in the view what could be better.   In this image we allowed the cars to light paint the gate so we could bring it out better in the image.  We also photographed it as a silouette which we like equally as well.  Every starry nightscape in the Texas Hill country we have  photographed has some little light pollution however when we are photographying it you don’t see any lights not sure where it is coming from.  Even in this photo you can see the light pollution creeping in but the awesome milkyway over rides a little light pollution in this Texas night skies image with the milkyway of the galaxy clearly in view. 

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