Big Bend ranch state park from above

When we were down at Big Bend Ranch state park this spring we got approval to fly our drone in the state park and captured some awesome images of the landscape from above. This is one of the images showing the amazing landscape along the edge of the park on the river road, Hwy 170 and the Rio Grand river between Texas and Mexico.

Big Bend State Park, Rio Grande, aerial, landscape, Mexico, mountains, river road, us, water
Stunning Landscape Rio Grande River : Prints Available

Captured this aerial view of Big Bend State Park with the Rio Grande river along with the river road and the US, and Mexican mountain range in view.

Bluebonnets from Big Bend State Park

Bluebonnet patch from the Big Bend State park along the River Road, Hwy 170. These lupines in the Big Bend State park area are different than the ones we find in the rest of Texas. They are taller, darker blue, more drought tolerant, and bloom in Feb/March. In this image in Big Bend National Park and state park out in west Texas and we found a few bluebonnets patches mostly along the side of the road. Big Bend State Park is a massive park that run along the Rio Grande River with Mexico on the other side.

Big Bend State Park, FM170, Mexico mountrains, blue bonnets, blue sky, bluebonnets, landscape, river road, scenic, spring, wildflowers
Bluebonnets Along River Road : Prints Available

Bluebonnets landscape along Big Bend Ranch State Park River road, Hwy 170. It was a nice scenic view from here with the road and mountains as a backdrop. These bluebonnets are a hybrid that allow them to grow in the desert region and they are darker and taller than any you will find in other places of Texas. Unfortunately they seem to only grow along the roads and many times they have to cut the grass along the road to prevent fires so they were cut in a lot of places.