Sunset windmill

While on the way back from the far reaches of the Texas Hill Country chasing fall colors we came across this windmill just as the sun was setting. I have been looking for a windmill with a sunset for along time and finally caught one at the right time and place. We took a different route back from taking images of the fall colors and had seen many nice windmills on the way but they were in the wrong direction. Most had wires or were too far from the road and such. On the way up the last hill before the highway I saw this windmill but it appeared to be on the right side of the road as the sun was setting with a beautiful sky but at the last turn it ended up being to the west as we drove by. I wiped a u-turn pulled off the road jumped out of the truck grabbed the tripod and camera and ran over to the fence just in time to capture this image of the windmill in silhouette as the sun was setting.

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Texas Windmill at Sunset : Prints Available

Texas Windmill at Sunset – Texas landscapes canvas and prints –  As we were leaving Garner State Park area we came upon this great big wind mill with it water tank just at sunset. The blades on this windmill were more than twice the size of the ones near our home So of course we stopped and captured this silhouette of this windmill and water tank in a Texas landscape as the sun last twinkle shines through at the bottom before it went below the horizon. Wind mills in this area are much bigger than other areas, the blades were more than twice the size of others we have seen near our home, I don’t know but I suspect they have to be larger to bring up the water at a greater dept or to generate electricity in the Texas Hill Country than else where, only a guess.  Windmills are a symbol of Texas landscapes everywhere you go you can find windmills in Texas.   

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