Santa Elena Canyon Path

Santa Elena Canyon Path – A little different view of Santa Elena Canyon from the pathway to the canyons as the mountains rise up it for an impressive view of the site. These two side of the canyons, one on the left is Mexico side and the other the US side allow the Rio Grande river to flow out of mountains and contiunue it journey downstream. This Texas landscape had a nice sky with some nice clouds and a path that led your eyes toward the canyon walls. To me the Santa Elena Canyon are one of the highlights of the Big Bend National park, to get there it is about an hour drive on the Ross Maxwell Scenic drive west through the Chiso Mountain when almost to the end of the road, there is an scenic overlook of the canyon landscape from here. But if you want explore more drive a little farther to the trail head where you can walk about 5 minutes along a board walk on sand to get to a beach area where the Rio Grande River flows out of the mouth of the canyons. If you like you can climb up the cliffs as there are several fairly accessable views points for some outstanding Texas scenery that are not too high or difficult to climb or stay below and enjoy the stunning view from below. The river is seldom too deep and in some cases you can walk quite a ways back into the canyons. We have landscape images from several views of this wonderful Texas scenery on our site so thanks for looking.

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Santa Elena Canyon Path –  Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park along the trail as the path leads to the canyon walls. It a short walk to reach the Rio Grande river but it takes a bit more to climb the steep walls of the canyon but it is only moderately difficult. It is a top location to visit for those who come to Big Bend National Park every year. The cliffs rise up 1500 feet from the Rio Grande river goes right down the middle with one side on the US and the other side of the canyon is on Mexico side.

Chiso Mountains Overlook

Chiso Mountains Overlook – Chiso Mountains Overlook in Big Bend National Park. This is one of those awesome views you get when you first drive into Big Bend National Park but timing is crucial to get a good shot from here. Finally we had all the right elements to capture the Chiso mountain range from this area. We have come through many times when the light is not good for a shot but today it worked. After a short hike I was able to find this wonderful prickly pear to help frame my photo so I was more than happy with the results. The Chiso mountains was formed by a volcanic event millions of years ago and in this image you can see the V or window as it is called with a view into the basin. Big Bend National Park is an American national park located in West Texas, bordering Mexico. The park has national significance as the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States. The park was named after a large bend in the river, and the Texas—Chihuahuan Desert is part of Big Bend and includes northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Chiso is the only mountain range in the United States to be fully contained within the boundary of a national park. It is also the southernmost mountain range in the mainland United States. The highest point in the Chisos Mountain range is Emory Peak at 7,825 ft above sea level.

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Chiso Mountain Overlook – Chiso Mountains Overlook in Big Bend National Park. Everytime we drive into the park this view always impresses us but timing is crucial or the Chiso mountain will be dark or blow out but today it work great and after a short hike I was able to find this wonderful prickly pear to help frame my photo so I was more than happy. The Chiso mountains was formed by a volcanic event millions of years ago and in this image you can see the V or window as it is called with a view into the basin. The chiso mountain range is entirely in the Big Bend park and it also part of the Chihuahua desert.

Bluebonnets at the Farmhouse

Another capture of the bluebonnets farmhouse in Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country. The Texas lupine or bluebonnet is one of the most popular things to see in the spring time in Texas. People come from all over to enjoy these colorful wildflowers. However ever year is not the bumper crop we expect some year depending on the amount of rain we get in the fall determines what we get in the spring. We have seen bumper crops of wildflowers some year which have been beyond our expectations other years not so much. I wanted to post this image because I have reason to believe this might be the last year we will see bluebonnets at this old farmhouse. This place has drawn photographers from all around both amature and pros to this spot because of it uniqeness with the old farm house and rusting farm equipment place just so in the front of the place. In 1971 the Texas Legislature declare all bluebonnets in the state to be the state flower. Also around this time Lady Bird Johnson had help push the Texas Highway Beautification Act so that we would continue to see all these wonderful wildflowers along our roads and highways. Thats what make springtime in the Hill country special.

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Another capture of the bluebonnet farm house in the Texas Hill Country from a lower angle. This seems to be an endless field of bluebonnets up to the house and then these wonderful blue skies with puffy white cloud.  We have taken a lot of photos of this house in the Hill country but today we have these nice skies brought us back for another visit. This was the last year we will see bluebonnets from here so wanted to make sure we got them out.