Oak Tree and Texas Bluebonnets

Oak Tree and Texas Bluebonnets – A wonderful old oak tree among a field of texas bluebonnets down near Poteet Texas south of San Antonio late in the day as the sun sink lower in the sky. There were a lot of field of wildflowers in this area but most had been overtaken by the poppies. The poppies were introduced accidently about ten year ago we heard and unfortunely they have become invasive and in some place you will not see the wildflowers because the poppies have over taken over the areas. There were a few in this field but it was the best bluebonnets we saw since we were a little late to the party in this area. We like this field a lot and we took a few different shot from here. This image was just our beloved texas bluebonnets, an large oak tree, with sime mesquite tree along the fringes of the field with a few poppies mixed in on this ranch in south central area of the country for a nice Texas landscape. The texas bluebonnet is the state flower and begin with a small hard seed and over time the rain, wind will soften the seed so it can germinate in the fall and slowly over time it begins to take root and it bright green leave come out every spring usually from March to the end of April. That when it all begins and the flowers start to put on a spring show. No doubt that what happen in this great field of bluebonnets out south of San Antonio. We were lucky that they were allowed to grow in this field so we could capture this image. We look forward to the yearly show of bluebonnets that come out for such a short time.

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Texas Bluebonnets with Oak Tree – A wonderful old oak tree among a field of texas bluebonnets down near Poteet Texas south of San Antonio. There were a lot of field of wildflowers in this area but most had been overtaken by the poppies. There were a few in this field but it was the best we saw. All thats here is texas wildflowers bluebonnets, an oak tree, mesquite tree in the distance with a few poppies mixed in on this ranch in south texas.

Sunset at Fred Hartman Bridge

Sunset at Fred Hartman Bridge – This cable stay bridge called the Fred Hartman Bridge is located out side of Houston Texas in the ship channel. The bridge was built to replace the Baytown tunnel when the channel had to be deepen for larger ships. This unique architectural bridge was completed in 1995. The bridge was named after Fred Hartman the editor and publisher of the Baytown Sun from 1950-1974. We had a hard time picking which image to select of the sunset at Fred Hartman Bridge on the ship channel outside of Houston to put on our website we took so many. This bridge is 2.6 miles long and spans across the ship channel from Baytown to La Porte Texas. The ship channel bridge is a cable stay bridge and is the longest bridge of it type in Texas. This bridge is the 77 largest in the world and one of four in Texas. The wonderful sunset at the Fred Hartman Bridge today made it difficult to pick which images to showcase as we had this incredible sky as sun set over the bridge.

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Sunset at Fred Hartman Bridge –  Another capture of the Fred Hartman Bridge outside of Houston which runs across the ship channel between Baytown and La Porte Texas. This is a very long bridge which runs about 2.6 miles. On this day we had been in the area and decided to go see if we could capture it and boy did we get an incredible sunset. This bridge replaced the Baytown tunnel which went under the water because they need it to be deeper, As a child we would drive through the tunnel and I was alway scare it would collapse on us. Watermark will not appear on image

Top Bluebonnet Photos from the Texas Hill Country

Bluebonnets Along Texas Dirt Road

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Bluebonnet Dirt Road – Captured these bluebonnets along this cedar fence and dirt road in the backroads of the Texas hill country.  We had to go through two low water crossing with water up to the door to get here. This is just an example of the rural landscape in the hill country and how lovely it looks especially around bluebonnet season. To catch that Texas  landscapes you almost alway have to go down the back roads.

Yucca Among the Bluebonnets

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Yucca Among the Bluebonnets – Captured this photo of a field of bluebonnets in front of a group of blomming yuccas in the Texas Hill Country on a nice afternoon with blue skys. It has been extremely overcast for ever it seems, so it nice to finally get out and get some photo and this one with the cactus and bluebonnets says Texas more than anything else.  This bluebonnet landscape was a great find as this was a great year for wildflowers in central texas. 

Wildflowers in Springtime

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Colorful Wildflowers in Springtime – This great field of wildflowers with bluebonnets, and little yellow perky sue in this colorful field of flowers make for a nice contrast along the river in the Texas hill country.  I like the little pop of red from the indian paintbrush in the middle of the bluebonnet field on this lovely day with blue sky and white puffy clouds along the tree line of the river. If you want to add a bit of spring this would make a nice wildflower landscape from the Texas Hill Country.

Wildflowers in the Hill Country

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Incredible Bluebonnet Landscape  – I pulled up this wonderful field of bluebonnets from my archives to share this great bluebonnet landscape along the Colorado river from spring a few years back.  This is Muleshoe Bend park and this was the most incredible site of texas bluebonnets I think I had ever seen.  As far as the eye could see it was acreas of bluebonnets along the river.  This area is normally under water and for a few short years during the drought this is what came up where the water had once been.  Well the water is back up and the bluebonnets are gone we just have a memories of these wonderful wildflower as they once were.

Golden Bluebonnet Sunrise

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Golden Blue Bonnet Sunrise – Captured this at sunrise as the sun came up it cast this golden glow over the clouds and river with just a hint of light on the bluebonnets.  We thought it made a nice texas landscape image of this great field of blueblonnet at the lake in the texas hill country. Springtime in Texas is my favorite time because of the wildflowers we can all thank Lady Bird for help in making spring special every year.

Bluebonnet Field at Sunrise

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Bluebonnet Images – Bluebonnet Sunrise Mist  – We capture this bluebonnet sunrise this as the sun rays were rising over this ranch with the bluebonnet and the morning mist hovering over the field. Bluebonnet pictures are one of our favorite to capture and on a good year like they were this year it was easy texas landscape to capture. Many years since the images of bluebonnets have been more elusive but we are persistant and continue to search out images of bluebonnets and other wildflowers every year.


Texas Longhorns and Bluebonnets

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Texas Longhorns and Bluebonnets – We capture this image with this family of Texas Longhorn and her calf plus friend who stopped to pose for this picture in the bluebonnets. The mother is on the right and when we came the first time she took her calf as far away as possible from us. The second visit I guess did it. We loved all the different version of horns and this calf with his little horns were just too adorable in this field of bluebonnets.

Stunning Bluebonnet Sunset

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Bluebonnet Sunset – We captured this gorgeous sunset landscape with the bluebonnets one evening while at a county park along the Colorado river in Texas. The colors of the sky that came out with the sunset were beautiful with the oranges, pinks and reds. Couldn’t ask for a better sunset over the Texas wildflowers along the waters edge.

Old Wagon and Wildflowers

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Old Wagon and Wildflowers – Bluebonnets, indian paintbrush wildflowers landscape long the road in the Texas Hill Country. We found this abundant field of flowers with this old wagon along the road in the hill country and stopped to capture it because we love the colorful mix of bluebonnets and indian paintbrushs. 

Wildflower Landscape

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Wildflowers Landscape – We love these colorful wildflowers landscape of bluebonnets, and indian paintbrush in this field with an old rusty tractor in the Texas Hill Country. The Texas lupine or bluebonnet are probably the most photographed wildflower every spring. People travel from great distances to try and capture a unique image with bluebonnets so this is just that kind of photo with the old rusty tractor and wildflowers. 

Bluebonnet Road at Sunset

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Blue Bonnets Road – Bluebonnets beside the road in Muleshoe Park which were beautiful this year with some great clouds to make for a perfect image. This area is usually under water but for the last few years we have been in a drought so instead of water we see bluebonnets. This was one of the best areas in Texas for bluebonnet landscapes for a couple of year till the lakes in the Texas hill country filled back up.  It was lovely till then to see so many texas wildflowers in this road of blue.

Bluebonnets Sunset Landscape Pano

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Field of Texas Bluebonnets at Sunset Pano – This great field of Texas bluebonnets at sunset was probably the last we will see around the Texas Hill Country for this year. This panorama of bluebonnets landscape looked like waves of blue flowers in this field and the sunset cast this nice orange and red glow over the fiield of blue wildflowers. Another successful year of bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country.

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