San Antonio River Walk at Christmas

San Antonio River Walk at Christmas – The San Antonio River Walk at Christmas image of the very festive San Antonio riverwalk with all the lights in the trees and along the path of the river. The riverboats during the Christmas season with there festive lights along the river with all the lights along the walk make for a great place to visit during the holidays.The river walk in San Antonio is always magical around the holiday with all the Christmas lights. Tourist come from all over Texas to enjoy the festive environment.

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Holiday on the Riverwalk : Prints Available

Holiday on the Riverwalk –  Another image of the very festive San Antonio river walk with all the lights in the trees, the riverboats with there festive lights along with all the lights along the walk it is a wonderful place to go for the holidays.

Fireworks Over Lake Austin – Its that time again, Austin Fireworks over Lake Austin.

Fireworks over Lake Austin –
Its that time again, Austin Fireworks over Lake Austin from the 360 bridge. Here is a image from the fireworks we took at Lake Austin firework show. What I like is all the boats in the water watching the show from their boats. It is a great way to see some fireworks. No matter what your doing for the big holiday grilling out with family and friends it always good to topped off the evening with some local fireworks and what better way than by boat if you can. Don’t worry if you don’t have a boat you can watch from land too or go to the many other places including downtown Austin for some fireworks and symphony along with many small towns in Central Texas area for their fireworks. This images capture the show of Austin Fireworks on Lake Austin from the Austin 360 bridge or Pennyback bridge. This fireworks show over Lake Austin is put on by the country clubs and not every year do they have one or sometimes they do it on other times, so it pot luck as to if they have one this year or not. It is not posted anywhere so you just have to hope it on for this year.

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Spirited Reflections : Prints Available

Fireworks Over Lake Austin – Spirted Reflections 

We took these photos of the fireworks at the fourth of July Fireworks on Lake Austin off of austin 360 bridge over Lake Austin. All the boats came out to watch the show along with many on the cliffs nearby and on the Pennybacker bridge to see the firework show. There were more boats in the water as their were people watching from land.

Austin Bat Watch

Austin Bat Watch – This image capture the Austin bat watch at Congress Ave in downtown along Lady Bird Lake in the downtown with part of the cityscape. Every night right before dusk crowds start to gather at the Congress Bridge over Lady Bird Lake for the outpouring of bats from under the bridge in downtown Austin. Not every night is the Austin bat watch a success because sometimes the bats are lazy and come out at their leisure because the food is plentiful so you never know what you will get. On this night thats what we got fat and happy bats that didn’t feel the need to rush out at dusk to put on their nightly show as they do on most days. So they came out in smaller batches after dark so trying to catch them in the dark is not always easy but the pre show of the crowds and the boats as the line up in the water on kayaks, tour boats, water bikes or whatever it takes to catch a good view of the bat can be seen here. On any given night this area becomes almost festive with music and large crowds. In this view you see the crowds of people on top of the Ann Richards Congress Ave Bridge with the Austin skyline in the background as people are waiting for the bats to come out for their nightly show. There are over a 1.5 million bats in Austin and it has become a part of the lifestyle and a huge tourist attraction to come and watch these wonderful creature fly out together every night on their search for insects. The bats eat between 10,000 to 20,000 of insects so we should all appreciate that. dsc-3640

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Austin Bat Watch : Prints Available

Austin Bat Watch  – This is an image from the Ladybird Hike and Bike trail of the anticipated bats coming out from under the Congress Bridge in Austin, with the crowds of people on the bridge and below all waiting for their nightly appearance. The lighting was very good this day with a nice reflection under the bridge along with some nice clouds and blue skies. These mexican freetail bats have made their home under the bridge for more than forty years and the estimated number is somewhere around 1.5 million of them. It is an amazing site to see.

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