Fall Along Frio River Mural

Fall Along Frio River Mural – This capture is our latest wall mural that was just installed at a San Antonio car dealer on the wall in their waiting room of an fall scene along the Frio river located in the Texas hill country.  As soon as you walk in you can see this large mural on canvas. We had many photos here but the one we wanted to show was the one the large mural 15 by 12 foot installation.  We were excited and thrilled to see it on the wall.  We have two even larger murals in the works so we hope to show those after they are installed.  We had previously shown how the image was printed out on a large printer and this is the final results from that. Thanks for looking.  To see more images like this click here

wall mural, Texas Hill country, wall mural
Wall Mural at Car Dealership : Prints Available

This image is not for sale it to show what is possible. This 15 x 12 wall mural installed at a car dealer in San Antonio. For more images like this please check out our Texas hill country landscapes gallery.

Here is the Mural being printed.