Colorful San Antonio Riverwalk

Colorful San Antonio Riverwalk – San Antonio riverwalk is a great place to visit when you come to the city. This image capture the colorful umbrellas along the river walk. The San Antonio riverwalk is with a mile of river with shops and cafes and hotels all along the river banks in downtown area of the city. Near this area is the Towers of America which was part of the Hemisfair park which stands at 750 feet with a revolving viewing area. San Antonio is located in central Texas and has a rich history from the battle for Texas Independence with Mexico at the Alamo. Other historical landmark in the city include the San Antonio 18th century Spanish Missions which have been preserved as museums as part of the citys history. In any case coming to the riverwalk is one of the top places to visit while there. San Antonio has a strong mexican heritage which can be seen through out the city with it architecture and restaurants, market, colorful places along the riverwalk and many other examples of it mexican heritage. The city offers you many activities and the riverwalk is a must see if you want to get a feel of what San Antonio is all about. The river walk is one of the most popular places to visit for tourist and locals alike there is many different flavors of cusines to pick from, hotels, shopping, and music venues along with the city water taxis to take you anywhere along the river you need to go.

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San Antonio River Walk  – Another great evening along the scenic San Antonio river walk in downtown. This popular tourist attraction has some wonderful places to enjoy a meal on the river or take a stroll for the several miles along this scenic site in the heart of San Antonio Texas. You can’t help but love these colorful umbrellas at the Casa Rio on the river walk.  The San Antonio riverwalk is one of SA top travel destination in the city.  If you do not feel up to walking you can alway catch a river boat along the river walk. Always something to see or do on the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.