Misty Morning at Oak Alley Plantation BW

This is another capture of the mansion and oak trees right before the sun was fully up and before the mist lifted on this early morning at the Oak Alley Plantation which I thought worked best as a black and white image. This misty look give this image a moody feel with the mansion and large old oaks in BW as the the morning mist settles over the property seems to transport you back in time. The Oak Alley plantation is a popular spot for tourist looking for history of the deep south and a feel for what life long ago was like on these plantations. The plantation was created in the early 1800’s as a surgar cane plantation and was worked by slaves so it rich in historic value. The plantation got it name from the many live oak trees that were planted over 300 years ago prior to the plantations existance. Some refer to this area as Oak valley or Seven Oaks and it is near the community of Vacherie St James Parish in Louisiana. Many movies has been made here especially including anything releated to the deep south civil war era along with many spooky movies. The Oak Alley Plantation is a National Historic Landmark as it is rich in history and is visited by many toursit yearly. The Foudation maintains the property today for the this historic site.

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Misty Morning Oak Alley BW : Prints Available

Misty Morning Oak Alley BW – I got up early before the sunrise hoping to capture the sun rise and the mist was everywhere so I shot the photo.  Luckily for me a little later on the sun cleared the mist and I captured my shot. After looking at this I said this works too so I made it a black and white to enhance that haunting spooky look thru these wonderful old oak trees at Oak Alley. This image os looking toward the Mississippi river from the mansion.  Oak Alley is located in Varcherie St James Parish in Louisiana in the southern united states and is now a National Historic Landmark..  This wonderful old plantation with its 300 year old live oak trees run along the Mississippi along the river rd.

Oak Alley Plantation sunrise

Last fall we visited the historic Oak Alley Plantation and captured this amazing sunrise along the avenue of oak trees lined along a path to the mansion. Oak Alley Plantation is a historic site that is on the west bank of the Mississipp River in the community of Valcherie, Louisisana. The most unique thing about this destination or these 300 year old oak trees which create this canopy over the path from the mansion to the river. We stayed at the plantation in a 100 year old free slave cottage that was on the site and had the run of the place after hours. Being on site made it possible to capture the sunrise image as the sun poke through the trees with the early morning light and a thin vale of fog which was floating in the air added to the photo. This mansion was built in the 1839 on a sugar cane plantation. These lovely 300 year old live oaks trees which were here prior to plantations existence seem to be almost been made for this path.

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Sunrise at Oak Alley : Prints Available

This is the view of sunrise at Oak Alley plantation in Louisiana. We loved the light as it came through this canopy of branches to frame the path to the house. This mansion was built in the 1839 on a sugar cane plantation. These lovely 300 year old live oaks trees which were here prior to plantations existence seem to be almost made for this path.