Coastal Tranquilty -This captures the beach along the Texas coast using as the surf rolls in as the clouds billow up from the horizon making for a beautiful scene of serenity.


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Beach and Surf : Prints Available

Coastal-Tranquility – Surf up, what more can I say sandy beach, ocean waves, and sky is all you need in this image to see along the Texas coast for one of those wonderful moments in time. This is mustang island State Park in Port Aransas and it was getting later in the afternoon and we did a long exposure on the water as the tide was coming in to softening the waves along the beach with a low angle capture across the wet sand. One of those perfect beachy kind of days with a great sky over the perfect ocean view. This is along the Texas coast south of Port A and looking out over the gulf of mexico. Alway love a nice blue sky with puffy white clouds and ripples in the wet sand as the tide comes in. We had planned to stay a little later but a car got stuck in the deep sand only exit and if another car got stuck well we would be on the beach for the night. Not wanting to spend the night on the beach we decided we better get out before someone decided they could help them get out of the sand and they would get stuck too. You simple cannot stop or you most likely will get stuck. The sign at the entrance said four wheel drive only but some people couldn’t read. We had to make a mad dash out before it was too late but thought we managed to capture some nice beachscapes along this stretch of the beach.

Sunrise at Caldwell Pier Port Aransas Texas

Sunrise at Caldwell Pier Port Aransas Texas -Another Beautiful sunrise under the Horace Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas Texas.

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Sunrise at Caldwell Pier Port Aransas Texas : Prints Available
Sunrise at Caldwell Pier Port Aransas Texas – A colorful sunrise under the Caldwell Pier about shortly before sunrise. Port A is in the gulf of mexico and is part of the mustang island that runs to North Padre island all the way to South padre island. Port Aransas is a small community of vacations homes, and condos the closest city is Corpus Christi about 20 miles away. The beaches are highly used by texans and there are miles and miles of beaches. People come to swim, fish, surf, wind surf, and many other activities year round as the weather is mild most of the fall, winter and spring, compared to summers which are hot and humid.