Fred Hartman Bridge BW

Fred Hartman Bridge BW – This image of the Fred Hartman Bridge in black and white as a pelican flys over is our photo of the day. The Fred Hartman Bridge in black and white really brings out the architecture of the bridges structure in this landscape image. This is another one of the cable stay bridges and the longest at 2.6 miles that have been built in Texas in the last twenty or so years. The other popular cable stay bridge is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas which has become a iconic site in the cities skyline. The Fred Hartman bridge crosses the Houston ship channel between Baytown and La Porte Texas. The bridge is the replacement for the previous Baytown tunnel because the ship channel need to be dug deeper to allow for larger ships to flow through the ship channel. I remember us driving through the Baytown tunnel on our way to the beach when I was a child and being afraid it would collape on us as we were going through. It was just my childhood claustrophobia kicking in as far as I know it never collapsed. It is certainly an impressive site to see new Fred Hartman Bridge in this Texas cityscape of the Houston ship channel.

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Fred Hartman Bridge BW –  We like this catch of this pelican as it flew in front of the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown along the ship channel outside of Houston Texas in black and white. Watermarks will not appear on image.