Edisto Island Tree Tunnel SC

Edisto Island Tree Tunnel SC

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Edisto Island Dirt Road Charleston SC – A wonderful dark brooding dirt road going toward Botany Bay at edisto island as the sun filters through the trees. The light and shadow are intense to the point of very little light filtering though the trees that what we like about it. It a tree tunnel with a sense of magical mystery as the tree branches hang low over the road with shadow and some light filtering through the trees. These tree tunnels in the deep south are nature taking back the forest. I call it tree or forest art because they can hauntingly beautiful.

Best Coastal Photos from the South

Check out some of the Best Coastal Landscape Photos from the Georgia Coast and Pensacola Florida. These are just a few images of our travels to Georgia and Florida.  We captured these images along the Georgia coast at Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach, St. Simon Island and Pensacola Beach in Florida.

#1 Driftwood Beach,  Georgia

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Driftwood Beach – On Jekyll Island in Georgia you find these wonderful beaches with these dead trees that somehow have managed to stay upright in the sands. What was neat was this beach looked like some foreign landscape with all the driftwood and the deadwood trees upright. it was kind of like you were on a different planet. Jekyll island has one section callled driftwood beach with these fabulous dead trees as the tide rolls in they are part of the ocean landscape. We did long exposures on several shot so that the water would get this smooth texture. There isn’t a lot of surf here so that helps. Before sunrise we made our way to the beach but the water greeted us almost as soon as we step on the beach. Yes the tide had come in. We took photos in the water but our tripod kept sinking which made it difficult sometimes. We like the way this capture the gnarly twisted tree with the deadwood at it base and the surf swirling around the tree. The sky was just lightingin up on Jekyll island at the driftwood beach when we got there and the color was just starting to show for the morning sunrise. Driftwood beach was why we came here we had seen some wonderful images and wanted to come and take some ourselves but four days is not enough. Jekyll island is part of the Golden Isles barrier islands on the Alantic Coast of Georgia. The barrier islands are Jekyll island, St. Simon island, Little St. Simon island, Sea Island, and Brunswic Georgia. This area is known for its driftwood beach and salt marshes.

#2 Sunrise Driftwood Beach,  Georgia

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Colorful Sunrise at Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island driftwood beach with trees in the sand at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning sunrise with these fablous trees that seem to magicly grow from the sands along driftwood beach at Jekyll island. This has been a location we have wanted to go to for some time now. Driftwood beach or boneyard beach as some have coined the phase because of all the trees and limbs that seem to magically grow from the sands along the beach in this tree graveyard. This view of this tree at sunrise looks out over the Altantic Ocean something we never get to see. This old deadwoodtree that is still planted in the sand gave some nice reflections along the wet sand at sunrise reflecting back the wonderful colors from the sky. Jekyll island is part of the Golden Isles of the Gerogia coast. The island gets its name from a short-lived Yamassee Indian village known as San Simon, which was established near Fort Frederica during the late 1660s to 1684. The English shorten the name later.

#3 Driftwood Beach B W, Georgia

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Driftwood Beach B W – Sunrise on Driftwood beach at Jekyll island was a spectacular site on the early morning at the beach in black and white. I love this image in black and white with only the driftwood, morning surf as the tide came in with the sunrise as it rays shoot into the sky through the clouds. It was difficult because the water was up to our knees and our tripods kept sinking in the wet sand but in the end we go the image. We have been wanting to come to Jekyll island to see the driftwood beach or boneyard beach as some call it for all the dead driftwood that wash up on the beach. There are many pieces of dead driftwood just laying around on the beach some were full grown dead trees and some just limbs and other pieces of deadwood. I think the most interesting part was the trees that were dead but were still standing upright and would be pounded daily as the surf and tide would flow in and out yet they still managed to stand. We did a long exposure to capture the surf as the tide came in creating this soft smooth surface over the water. It was difficult because the water was up to our knees and our tripods kept sinking in the wet sand but in the end we got the image. It was a lovely morning except for the midge flies biting. Evidently they don’t mind Off! They call this area the Golden Isles barrier island and jekyll is just part of this group of barrier islands in the Alantic coast. We hope that these dead trees can hang on for a long time in this unique beach landscape on Jekyll Island Georgia.

#4 Beach Seascape Georgia

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Ocean Serenity : Prints Available

Ocean Serenity – This wonderful seascape taken in early morning right after sunrise presented a nice golden glow over the blue ocean. We had been taking image of the driftwood and this presented itself with these gentle blue waves as the tide was going back out along the beach made for a nice beach scene. This is an image with mostly a waterscape along the beach with the ocean waves as they gently roll in shortly after sunrise for this tranquil, serene beach scene for a nice waterscape along the georgia coast. This area of Georgia is known as the golden isles which is a group of barrier island on the alantic ocean which include Jeklly island, St. Simons island, and several others.

#5  Jekyll Island Marshland Sunset, Georgia

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Jekyll Island Marshland Sunset – We captured these wonderful marshland of Jekyll Island just as the sunset in the distance. We love the way these marsh create these tributaries though out. As the sun went down things got even better as the sun reflected back into the waters below. As we came into Jekyll Island area we noticed these wonderful marshlands on the way in and thought they were lovely and said we should photograph them and I am glad we did. Now we find that the area gets it name from these salt marshs as they change to a golden color during the colder season of the year. Also without these marsh wetlands there would be no shrimp industry here. So they are very important to ecosystem in the area.


#6 St. Simon Island Lighthouse, Georgia

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Sunrise at St. Simon Lighthouse : Prints Available

Sunrise at St. Simon Lighthouse – St. Simon island light house at sunrise along the Georgia coast in a panorama. This pano shows the lighthouse at sunrise with the alantic ocean in view. The St. Simons Lighthouse Museum is located near the village and pier area. The Lighthouse along with keeper’s dwelling were built in 1872 to replace the original lighthouse built in 1810 after it was destroy by the confederate. Now the lighthouse and keepers dwelling are part of the Lighthouse museum. You can climb the 129 steps to the top of the lighthouse and over the Alantic ocean and Jekyll island. It is still an active lighthouse and it light can go 23 miles out to sea and warns ship of the many sandbars and nearby hazards along the coast.

#7 Palms at Sunrise, St. Simmon Island Ga

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Palms at St. Simon Island Sunrise : Prints Available

Palms at St. Simon Island Sunrise – St. Simon island at sunrise looking out over the Alantic Ocean along Neptune park walkway with these lovely palms along the beach was a nice scene. St. Simon Island is part of the Golden Isles barrier island and this village of around 12,000 inhabitants was very scenic place. It has it all the ocean, palms, sunrise, sunset, views, not to mention the lighthouse museum, the quaint town area with shops, restaurants right there along the alantic coast. What could be better. I had read that it was named the most romantic place to visit in Georgia. Now recently it received a lot of attention as a cargo ship capsized here which just created a frenzie to the St. Simon Pier to see the ship and watch the sunset there. You can see the ship which has been move on ground to be dis-assemble at the St. Simon Pier.



#8 Pensacola Lighthouse, Pensacola Florida

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Pensacola Lighthouse with Pelican – This was the Pensacola lighthouse pelican which is refered to as Jeremiah the Pelican which was an art project that was created in 2004 and this is one of serveral of them in the area. Pensacola is located in the florida panhandle and is known for the white sand beaches. The lighthouse is on the US Naval Base and is managed by Pensacola Lighthouse Association. Be sure to bring id for all adults to get on the base to go to the lighthouse. This lighthouse made the National Registry of Historical Place in 1974.

#9  Red Umbrellas, Pensacola Beach Florida

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Red Umbrellas at Pensacola Beach : Prints Available

Red Umbrellas at Pensacola Beach – Pensacola beach Florida have this beautiful white sand and emerald green waters and the red beach umbrellas and chairs popped against this backdrop with the blue sky this morning. To me it what you think of when you want to relax at a beach resort. In the distance you can see the pensacola beach gulf pier out over the emerald green waters. Pensacola beach is know for it white-sand beaches, emeral water and is part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk has shops, eateries, nearby, and the Pensacola Beach Pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. It is a top destination for travel.


#10 Emerald Waters, Pensacola Beach Florida

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Pensacola Beach with its emerald blue green waters along the white sandy beach is just what we were expecting. In this image you can see the Pensacola Gulf Pier along with the white sandy beach as people stroll along this beautiful beach in floriday. Pensacola beach is know for it white-sand beaches, emeral water and is part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk has shops, eateries, nearby, and the Pensacola Beach Pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico.

#11  Lifeguard Station Sunset Pensacola Florida

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Pensacola Lifeguard Station Sunset – Sunset at Pensacola Beach with Lifeguard Station almost a silouette again the oranges, yellows, and pinks in the colorful sky. This scene at Pensacola beach at gulf. Pensacola Beach is a Florida resort community on the Gulf Coast barrier island of Santa Rosa. Pensacola beach is know for it white-sand beaches include Opal Beach, part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk has shops, eateries and, nearby, the Pensacola Beach Pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. West is the 1834 Fort Pickens