Roadside Wildflowers

Happy Friday – Wildflowers Along the Roadside from 2016 of texas wildflowers along the roadside.  Texas bluebonnets and indian paintbrush in the Texas hill country on a beautiful spring day. It was a fiesta of color along the roadside with bluebonnets and indian paintbrush in the hill country.  Texas bluebonnet are one of our favorite wildflowers and we look forward to capturing them every year. This was a great year for wildflowers you could find them in abundance all along the roads in the Texas Hill Country from the foot hills of west Austin to Mason.  We took these of the Texas wildflowers along this road in the hill country near Llano in 2016 and we come back every year hoping to sees then this lush again but so far no luck. Springtime in texas is a great time with all the natural wildflowers growing along the roads and into the pastures but not every year is the same.  It seems that the bluebonnet come back thicket every couple of years! We can all thank Lady Bird Johnson help in getting all these wonderful road side bluebonnets  and wildflowers along our Texas roads.

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Wildflowers Along the Roadside : Prints Available

Wildflowers Along the Roadside – This roadside landscape was alive with color of blues and reds wildflowers along the road. We took these bluebonnets and indian paintbrush wildflowers along the road out in the Texas Hill Country near Llano. Springtime in texas is a great time with all the natural wildflowers growing everywhere. We can all thank Lady Bird Johnson for her push to get the Highway Beautification Act which is why we have so many beautiful wildflowers every spring.

Golden Glow Over Bluebonnets

Golden Glow Over Bluebonnets – This was taken on the colorado river as the sunrise cast this golden glow over bluebonnets with these golden clouds cast their warm colors over this amazing field of wildflowers. Springtime in the Texas hill country is my favorite time because of all the wonderful wildflowers everywhere, especially when you come across a big field of bluebonnets like this it can be a magical landscape. These blueboonets were taken along the Colorado river in the Hill Country at sunrise as the sky and cloud had this golden glow. The Texas bluebonnets are a variety of blue wildflowers that grow in the State of Texas every spring which are of the genus Lupinus. Originally in 1901 the state declare only one blue bonnet the state flower however, in 1971 the Texas legislature declare that any flower found to be similar to Lupinus be declared the state flower. The name bluebonnet was from the look of the top of white part of the flower that was similar to the bonnet that woman wore on their heads in the pioneering days. The popularity of the blue bonnet grew after Lady Bird Johnson had push the Highway Beautification Act where she encorage everyone to plant native wildflowers along highways in the state. Today you can find wildflowers along many roads in Texas and the Texas Hill County has been known as one of the better places to find them. Bluebonnets love soil that drain wells and you will find them easily growing along the slopping areas along the roads. Of course some years are better than others but you don’t have to drive too far into the hill country to find them along the roads. It is almost that time for the bluebonnets to bloom anywhere between the middle of March to the middle of April depending on where and if we got the right amount of rain and sun here in central Texas. We also have other wildflowe that show up near the same time like Indian Paintbrush it changes year to year it is alway fun to see what will show up every spring.

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Golden Glow over Blue Bonnets : Prints Available

Golden Glow over Blue Bonnets – We capture this sunrise over a field of bluebonnets through the mesquite tree just as the sun came up and it created this nice golden glow. You can see the sunset is just coming up over the horizon through the two mesquite trees in this landscape. This was a nice field of wildflowers in the texas hill country. The Texas bluebonnet or lupine was declare a state flower in 1971 by the Texas legislature. Also Lady Bird Johnson help in her push to create the Highway beautification Act which is how wildflowers in Texas took root. We can thank Lady Bird for these beautiful spring wildflowers that are across our highways and park and where ever they may be.