Best of Houston Images

Here are some of our top images of Houston Skyline and the Cities most popular sites. Houston is one of the largest city in the Southern US it has a population of over 2 million people and is very diverse. The city is home to Houston ship channel, the art district, opera, sports teams, the medical center along with several universities, Aquarian, museums, and many parks, along with a large convention center the “George Brown Convention” in the heart of downtown with the Discovery Green Park across the street. You will also find some of the tallest skyscrapers in the southern United States located here, which make for some nice skyline images. We have many more images of the Houston area so check out our website for more images like these.

1. Fred Hartman Bridge – These two images of the Fred Hartman Bridge below are a sunset and night capture of this cable stay bridge that spans the Houston Ship Channel. The bridge is 2.6 miles long and is the main route to Baytown and La Porte. We like the first image as we captured this wonderful sunset colors over the ship channel and we also like the second version as night has set in over the ship channel with the lights on the bridge giving that moody capture.

Baytown, Fred Hartman Bridge, Houston, La Porte, blue, firey, oil refineries, oranges, pinks, ship channel, sky, sunset, texas, water
Fiery Skies Over Fred Hartman Bridge : Prints Available

We had a hard time picking which image to select of the Fred Hartman Bridge on the ship channel outside of Houston. This bridge is 2.6 miles long and spans across the ship channel from Baytown to La Porte Texas. The sky was incredible I hate to say it but I think it due to all the chemicals in the air in this area. Earlier we noticed two different areas with rainbow yet it had not rained at all. In any case oil refineries make for beautiful fiery sunset. Watermark will not appear on image


Baytown, Fred Hartmen bridge, Harris County, Houston, cable stay bridge, golden, lit, night, oil, refinery, ship channel
Fred Hartman Bridge Night : Prints Available

Fred Hartman Bridge Night – The Fred Hartan bridge after dark with the lights on giving it a golden glow against the night sky. The bridge span 2.8 miles across the ship channel from La Porte to Baytown Texas. The bridge was built to replace the tunnel that went underneath the water so they could dig it out for bigger ships to pass. You can cleary make out the refinery underneath the bridge even the fracking flare.

2. Eleanor Tinsley Park Day –These images are from Eleanor Tinsley Park which is along side of the Buffalo Bayou north west of the downtown area of the city. It is a favorite place to capture a Houston skyline or other cityscape images of the high rise buildings in the downtown area and this is just a couple of those images we took of the park from the ground and air using our aerial drone to capture a little different perspective. This park includes a hike and bike trail along the buffalo bayou, volley ball, and other activies along with other events sponsord by the city. dsc06029

Houston, skyline, aerial, cityscape, city, Buffalo Bayou, Eleanor Tinsley Park, Jaimal Skate Park, Sabine St. Bridge, Allen Parkway, Memorial, Chase Tower, Heritage Plaza, Wells Fargo, Smith S
Houston Skyline From Above : Prints Available

Houston Skyline From Above  – This is a aerial view of the Houston Skyline with the Buffalo Bayou, Elenor Tinsley Park and the Jaimal Skate Park all in the image below. You can also see the Sabine St. Bridge along with the Allen Parkway and on the other side is Memorial dirve running along the other side of the park. The city view includes the usual skyscrapers like the Chase Tower, Heritage Plaza, Wells Fargo, and the 1400 Smith St. buildings just to name a few. You can see the Houston City Hall building at the base of the buildings where it is dwarfed by the high-rise skyscrapers since Houston has some ot the tallest buildings in the southern US. We were able to capture this high quality aerial image over Houston because we use a full frame camera on our drone for out still photographs so we can get the best image which can be printed easlity as a 20 x 60 or larger size without loss of resolution.

Houston, ball, buffalo bayou, city, cityscape, cityscapes, downtown, high rise, hike and bike, skycrapers, skyline, skylines, sports, trails, volley ball
Houston Cityscape BW : Prints Available

This is one of the many parks near downtown that also has a great view of the Houston skyline. There are many hike and bike trails with fields for playing ball or start up a game of volley ball all with a wonderful cityscape with all the skyscraper high rise buildings in the city as a backdrop. The Buffalo Bayou run along side of the trials throught out the park.

3. Eleanor Tinsley Park Night –Here are a couple of image taken of the Houston skyline downtown after dark from the Eleanor Tinsley Park. You really get the feel for how impressive this city skyline really is from here at night with the lights in buildings on it gives this sense of how close they are.

Houston, blue hour, buildings, city, cityscape, cityscapes, downtown, dusk, evening, high rise, lights, night, park, skyline, skylines, skyscrapers, tall, views
Houston Skyline Dusk : Prints Available

This is one of my favorite image of the Houston skyline as the blue hour really pops the buildings and the park lights turn on which show just how close the city is to one of the many parks that run along the Buffalo Bayou in the city.

Houston, architecture, bayou, city, city scene, cityscape, cityscapes, downtown, high rises, houston texas, images of Houston, night, night skyline, pano, panorama, panoramic, skyline, skylines, theat
Houston Skyline Night Pano : Prints Available

Another Houston skyline panorama at night in the downtown area which include all the high rise buildings like the Well Fargo, Smith Street, the American Bank, Heritage Plaza and more. Houston is a city of skyscraper some of the tallest buildings in the south are located in here in the downtown area.

4. Discovery Green Park- The discovery Green Park is located right across the street from the George Brown Convention Center in the heart of downtown Houston with all the city skycrapers as a backdrop to this great park. The park has a lake, restaurants, walking trails, and many activities like music, yoga, kayaking, and even ices skating in the winter.

Discovery Green, Houston, cityscape, clouds, color, colors, downtown, high rise, high rises, lake, landscape, pano, panorama, park, pink, reflective, sky, skyline, skyscrapers, sunset
Discovery Green Pano : Prints Available

This is a pano of the Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston just as the sun is being to set. The reflective high rise has picked up the pink colors in the sky as the sun sets over the cityscape of this modern urban environment. Watermark will not appear on image


Discovery Green, Houston, city, cityscape, cityscapes, downtown, modern, skyline, skylines, urban
Discovery Green Skyline After Dark : Prints Available

Discovery Green Skyline After Dark  –  This is the Discovery Green with the city skyline after dark. We like the reflections in the water as you can see people are still out and about on this nice eveing in the city. Watermark will not appear on image

5. Houston Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge View – We captured this image right at sunrise from the Rosemont pedestrian Bridge from this location you can see the Houston skyline. We loved the way the Houston skyscrapers were reflected back in the water of the Buffalo Bayou on this morning. The second image was used in a special edition of Texas Monthly. It was used in the face mask of the astronaut in their 2017 Superbowl edition. dsc-8581

Houston, skyline, sunrise, clouds, golden, glow, buffalo bayou, water, river, sun, syscrapers, downtown, city,
Houston Golden Glow : Prints Available

Houston Golden Glow – This capture of the Houston skyline was in the early morning at sunrise just after the sun came up and it gave these swirling clouds over the city a golden glow and the Buffalo Bayou also caught the reflection in the water.  You can see the sun light peaking out between the skyscraper in the downtown area.  This image was used in the Texas Monthly superbowl magazine in the astronount helment.


Houston, Buffalo Bayou, bayou, skyline, cityscape, water, reflections, city, downtown,
Sunrise Over the Bayou : Prints Available

Sunrise Over the Bayou – Another capture of the Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston as the sunrise was just begining to come up with the skyline of the city in view.  You can see the reflections in the waters of the Bayou as the pink sky reflect back into the water.

Houston Stunning Aerial Skyline Sunset