Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake

Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake – We capture this along the river shortly after sunset during the blue hour as the sky turned orange and pink color at twilight.

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Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake : Prints Available

Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake – We came to this location along the water several times to capture both sunrise and sunset of these wonderful bluebonnet wildflowers at the lake edge. This capture of the bluebonnets at twilight was our favorite with all those wonderful colors. Capturing good bluebonnets is a matter of luck many times and we were lucky that this area had bluebonnet wildflowers again after the lake went back down which allowed them to come back. This little leafless tree that was positioned along the waters edge which added a nice element in the image and was perfect to add to our landscape capture of this bluebonnets landscape. The Texas hill country dry river bed came back to life this year after the waters went down along the colorado river and this field of bluebonnets popped up to our delight. It was delightful to see the field of wildflowers again not as much as the first time years ago, but still wonderful. Spring time in the Texas hill country can be magical when fields of wildflowers appear in great numbers. We live not far from here so we came here many times till word got out and the bluebonnet got trampled down. The texas hill country has been one of the best places to capture pictures of bluebonnets landscapes in the past and we can only hope forever. Taking pictures of bluebonnets is one of our favorite things to capture. There are many varieties of bluebonnets in Texas from the chiso bluebonnet, to the sandyland and of course the Lupinus texensis lupine, has been the state flower since the 1901 and all other bluebonnets were included in 1971 by the Texas Legislature which made all lupines in the state the state flower. For most the most popular is the Lupinus texensis or texas bluebonnet which are here in the hill country which range in color from blue to violet shade depending on the light also the texas hill bluebonnets have the white tops which are known is said to look like a bonnet.