UT Tower 2020 Graduation

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UT Tower 2020 Graduation Sunrise : Prints Available

UT Tower 2020 Graduation Sunrise –  A capture of the UT Tower in Orange in downtown Austin right as the sky was lighting up before sunrise. You could see the bright orange tower from a long distance away this early morning. The tower was in full color of burnt orange this morning due to graduation for 2020. It not often you see the tower in full color in this image we choose to show this landmark building before sunrise as they turn the lights off at sun comes up. The UT Tower can be seen from many locations in downtown Austin. UT Austin is a flagship school know for it research in science and medicine along with advance educational opportunities. Austin UT campus covers over 40 acres and maintains a large student population. The UT Tower is located in the center of campus and is the tallest building at 307 feet so it can be seen from many locations.  This years graduation was different than most due to the covid pandemic so they kept the tower lite for two days.