Bluebonnet Sunrise on the River

Bluebonnet Sunrise on the River – We capture this image early one morning at sunrise as the sun rose along the Colorado river with this field of Texas blue bonnets. The Texas bluebonnet or also called the Lupinus Texensis were wonderful this morning. I am not a morning person but this morning we were up at 5am and drove an hour to this special spot to capture this field of bluebonnets at sunrise along the river. After trying 3 days in a row the sky finally looked like it was going to be the one so we dashed out to this morning hoping to capture the image at dark thirty in the morning and got there just as the sky was starting to lighten up. We quickly got setup and waited for the sun to pop up over the hill side. The buebonnet or lupine are distinct to this area and is also the Texas state flower. High quality prints are available just click on the image to go the print order page.

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Golden Blue Bonnet Sunrise : Prints Available

Golden Blue Bonnet Sunrise – Captured this at sunrise as the sun came up it cast this golden glow over the clouds and river with just a hint of light on the bluebonnets.  We thought it made a nice texas landscape image of this great field of blueblonnet at the lake in the texas hill country. Springtime in Texas is my favorite time because of the wildflowers we can all thank Lady Bird for help in making spring special every year.

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