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Texas Hill Country River Sunset Pano 0604
June 4 2021

Texas Hill Country River Sunset Pano - The sun was just setting and back lit these clouds which were reflected nicely into the water along the river. The Texas river is a tributary of the Colorado river and flows approximately 106 miles into Central Texas region...

Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake 0505
May 5 2021

Texas Bluebonnets Twilight at the Lake - We captured this along the river shortly after sunset during the blue hour as the sky turned orange and pink color at twilight.

Best Texas Bluebonnets and Wildflower Landscapes of 2021
May 6 2021

The bluebonnets and wildflowers season this year was not the stellar years of the past in the Texas hill country but it did have it moments where there were some beautiful flowers to be found! Below are some of our favorites wildflowers for this year we found in our drive through out the Texas hill country in 2021!

Texas Bluebonnet field  large wall mural print
Aug 3 2020

This is one of the largest wall mural prints we have done using one of our Bluebonnet panoramas that was installed in the office of one of our clients in Dallas.

This is the base image that was used, it is a 4 to 1 panorama and was sized up to be printed at 72 ft by 10 ft for the client...

Best Coastal Photos from the South
Jan 23 2020

Check out some of the Best Coastal Landscape Photos from the Georgia Coast and Pensacola Florida. These are just a few images of our travels to Georgia and Florida. We captured these images along the Georgia coast at Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach, St...

What is the best Sony Mirrorless camera 2019
Sept 17 2019

This is a loaded question, the short answer is it depends. The question should be “What is the best Sony Mirrorless camera for me?” What do you want to use the camera for would be one of the first questions I would ask when some one ask me this question...

How Large Can I Print a Digital Image
Sept 02 2019

How Large Can I Print a Digital Image

How big you can print your digital image depends on the number of "pixels" in the image. Pixels are the "dots" of color that make up your image. The greater the number of pixels, the bigger you can print your image...