Photo Blog: Golden Glow Sunset At Pedernales River 0723

July 23, 2021

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Golden Glow Sunset at Pedernales River

Golden Glow Sunset at Pedernales River - The Texas Hill Country this summer had some good rains so after last week success at Pedernales State Park I again ventured down to the park to capture more waterfalls. This was one of my captures just as the sunset was setting with some golden colors. Earlier some heavy clouds started moving in and it was beginning to look like we may be in for a storm. You could see the sun was going down with just a twikle at the horizon. Shortly after this I notice a lightning strike but lucky for me it seem to be moving the other way! Always a reason to be concerned not to mention water from upstream could flood the pedernales river in a heart beat. After a while I could tell it was going away from here so I resumed my captures. I used a long exposure to capture the smooth flowing waters as it cascaded down over the rocky terrain in small waterfalls. The park is located in the Texas hill country near Johnson City TX. The Pedernales Falls State Park is is a great place to hike and fish and swim when the water is not flowing so fast. This is rugged park where it can be somewhat of a hike just to get to the river from the parking lot so bring plenty of water. Right now the water is still running to fast to swim, but I am sure this will not last long as there are two things you can be sure of in Texas is flooding and then drought. The Pedernales River rises from springs in Kimble County and winds through more than 105 miles of Texas Hill Country before flowing into the Colorado River at Lake Travis.

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