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Bee Creek Photography is an award winning fine art photography studio based just out side of Austin, Texas. We specialize in original high quality images from all over the state of Texas and Beyond where the artistry of a husband and wife team has converged to immortalize the natural beauty of nature and man made architecture. Managed by Tod Grubbs and Cynthia Hestand, the two collaborate together to create beautiful images and work directly with clients to provide a seamless service for all of your imaging needs.

Our journey in photography dates back to the film era, where the magic of analog photography inspired us
and laid the foundation of our passion. Today, armed with professional high-resolution cameras, we embark on adventures that lead us to remote rural landscapes, fields of wild flowers and urban cityscapes, seeking to encapsulate the soul of these majestic views in every frame.

What sets our art apart is our unwavering dedication to authenticity and detail. We have an innate ability to bring to life the character and personality of the locations we photograph, making them not just images but vivid stories of nature's wonders. The moment when the first light kisses the horizon or when the sun gracefully departs, leaving behind a tapestry of colors – these are the moments we live for.

Our art isn't just about capturing landscapes; it's about conveying the emotions and wonder that nature
evokes within us. The awe and serenity of a rural sunrise, fields of wild flowers or the dynamic vibrancy of city skylines during twilight, these are the elements that inspire our work.

One pivotal moment in our career was the realization that we could make a living by sharing our passion with the world. Specializing in fine art photography for both corporate and personal spaces has been an immensely rewarding journey. It allows us to bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoor spaces, bringing a piece of the world's beauty into the heart of your home or office.

Through Bee Creek Photography, we invite you to explore and experience the world through our eyes, to
embrace the serenity of rural landscapes, the bustling energy of cityscapes and the beauty that is all around us, all underpinned by our commitment to excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our artistic journey, and we hope that our work resonates with you as
much as it does with us. Come, let's celebrate the magnificence of our world together.

In addition to our large library of images we are available for hire to capture that special image. Every job is unique so contact us for more info and pricing.

We have a wide range of imagery that is perfect for corporate offices or interior decorators. If you are interested in creating a beautiful body of art in an office or home, We would be glad to work with you to help you find the right selection of images for your venue. We also offer a discount on orders of multiple prints, so please contact us if you would like to use our images to bring the natural world into your home, workplace or project.

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Recently named one of the top Houston Skyline photographers by Peerspace, March 2021 and the Best landscape photographers, June 2022.

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Some of our recent publications

* Cover of the 2022 issue of the University of Texas San Antonio Sombrilla, the university’s magazine.

* Featured in the 2022 Austin Events Calendar with 2 images.

* Featured in the 2021 Austin Events Calendar.

* Featured in the April 2021 of Texas parks and wildlife publication.

* Featured in the 2020 Austin Events Calendar.

* Featured in the Sept 2019 Texas Monthly publication, Texas Tour & Meeting Guide for 2019 and 2020 insert.

* Featured in the Edge, The Texas Monthly festival in Dallas Nov 2019, Texas Monthly special publication

* Featured in the 2019 Austin Events Calendar.

* Featured in the 2019 Texas International Guide, Texas Monthly special publication

* Cover image 2018 Fall/Winter, Here is Houston, Texas Monthly special publication.

* Cover image 2018 Summer/Fall, Here is Houston, Texas Monthly special publication.

* Featured in the 2018 September issue of Fine Home building.

* Featured in the 2018 Ride Texas Spring edition, Texas Monthly special publication.

* Featured in the 2017 Ride Texas Spring edition, Texas Monthly special publication.

* Featured on the Cover the 2017 Super bowl special edition, Texas Monthly special publication.

* Cover image 2017 winter Austin newcomers edition, Texas Monthly special publication.

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Above all, we appreciate your interest in our artwork. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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