Austin Congress Bats Panorama

Austin Congress Bats Panorama - Austin Congress Bats as they came out over the bridge in downtown Austin. It is part of the to do list for Austin now, you have to go see the bats come out from under the congress bridge. There are approximately 1.5 million mexican free tail bats that live under the Congress Ave. bridges and else where through out the city. The most popular viewing area is from under the Congress bridge or the Ann Richard Congress Bridge. The bats have been rather elusive at times but we finally capture a few images on this evening. You can see the crowds of people on top of the bridge ready their nightly show from the bats and tonight they came out right at dusk. We were lucky to catch them they have been elusive to us in the past as they get lazy and come out after dark when the food is plentiful. It seems that right now the babys bats are starting to fly so you have even more bats flying in the sky. There are many ways to see the bat from the Congress Bridge, by boat, by sup or by canoe or along the hike and bike trails, or sipping a drink at the one of the many hotels in the area like the Hyatt or the new Line hotel previously the Radisom.

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