Austin Skyline at Twilight Wide Panorama

Austin Skyline Twilight Wide Panorama - Aerial Austin skyline with the latest view along Lady Bird Lake with the hike and bike trail along the waters edge at twilight. This austin skyline includes the new tallest building in the cityscape the Independent or Jingle as some call it, plus our second tallest the Austonian, plus the Google new home, the Northshore condos which have been added recently, along with the W building, the Bowie, the Ashton and so many others its hard to name them all. Oh lets not forget the Frost building just barely peeping out from behind the Ashton and other new arrivals. Another city high rise you can just barely see anymore is the Austin 360 as the new high rises have almost completely block its view from here. Austin is a fast growing city with all of it sky-scrapers built in the last ten year so it is has a modern cityscape in downtown and is constantly changing for good or bad. Much of the growth of the city growth has been the large number of high tech companies which have move here to the city in the last five year or so. Austin is also the state capital and it is home to a major school the University of Texas. The city contines to draw tourist and people wanting to vist or live in this lively modern city with it well know night life being the music capital of the world and it great life style. 

Note * This make a four to one pano so it wider than most panos. We also have the three to one pano of this image. Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photography - Tod Grubbs / Cynthia Hestand.