Dallas Cityscape View Pano

Dallas Cityscape View Pano -  Dallas skyline panorama view of the city with both the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the Margaret McDermott Bridge in the scene.  Also in this image is the Reunion Tower, the Bank of America Plaza, Renaissance Tower, Comercia Bank Tower, Omin Hotel, along with many other downtown high rise buildings. Dallas has some of the tallest buildings in Texas second only to Houston. The Bank of America Plaza stands at 921 feet and the Renaissance Tower at 886 feet as two of the tallest buildings in the southern US. Dallas is also the fourth most populous city in Texas with an estimate of 1, 197 million, but the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has the greatest population in Texas at over 7 million for the 2016 census.  Dallas is the main draw to the area with it modern city it has become a main area for coporate head quarters like AT&T, ExxonMobile, Nokia, Rockwell, and the list goes on for fortune 500 companies located in the area. Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photography - Tod Grubbs / Cynthia Hestand.

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