Monarch Butterfly on Mistflowers 2

Monarch Butterfly on Mistflowers 2- A monarch butterfly spreads his wings flat as he drinks the nectar of the blue mistflowers. There were monarchs alll over these flowers they ignored all the other. The bees were also enjoying the nectar from this plant which I believe is called Greggs mistflowers or blue mistflowers, which is a member of the asterl family. I had heard that the monarchs were migrating toward Texas and today we got lucky and saw some. The monarchs make there way south from the northern US and Canada heading to their over winter place in central Mexico. The monarch are officially an endangered butterfly and it is a thrill to see them. So even though we on are way some where we stop to capture some images of these wonderful butterflies before they disappear. 0460. Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photography - Tod Grubbs / Cynthia Hestand.

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