Moon Rise Over Casa Grande

While we were waiting on the sunset over the window in the Chisos Basin we turned around and there was the massive profile of Casa Grande along the road with the moon rising beside it with this nice golden glow over the mountain top right right before the sun went down behind the mountains.  You can see that this is rugged terrain with yuccas along the lower portion of the mountain with many other desert plant most of which will bite you if you get too close. To capture it we created a composite of two images to capture the moon in the size we saw it along with Casa Grande.  Casa Grande is in the heart of the Chisos Basin and is very prominent in photos because it is the third tallest mountain in the area at 7325. Climbing to the top here is not idea because most of the rock on the steep top are loose, only a  few have attempted it.  However there are trails that can take you close from the top of the Lost Mine Trail should you want to attempt to get closer.  Even that trail is not easy and if you go up to catch a sunset or sunrise you will be traveling in the dark one way or the other and you will need extra batteries for your flashlight as it will take several hours to get back down or up depending on when you go. Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photo.