Prada Marfa Sunset 2

Prada Marfa Sunset 2- On our way down to Big Bend National Park in Texas we decided to see if we could capture a sunset image of Prada Marfa and at first we didn't think we would see any color in the sky. After the sunset it started backlighting all the clouds so we were able to capture a great Texas sunset with these wonderful clouds with pinks and oranges colors. You can see the scenery in west texas is pretty much flat till you get to the mountains so it is such a contrast to have this just sitting on the edge of the road in Valentine Texas about 30 miles west of Marfa.Why it has been called Marfa Prada. I guess that they just pick the biggest town nearby to name it. The permanet exhibit was created by two artist Elmgreen and Dragset in October 2005 to resemble an actual Prada store. The two refer to their work as pop architectual land art with a bit of humor. They built this structure about 24 miles outside of Marfa in a city called Valentine Texas population around 200. To make it more interesting they found the least likely place to find a store like this and stuck in in far west texas. They added only right shoes and the purses have no bottoms. They have been vandalize several times now I guess people in this area like prada more than they knew. As far as the artist are concerned I am not sure what they were saying or not saying about their art. Maybe they were making fun of consumerism but you would have to ask them. As a photographer it great fun to shoot such a unique image. After the latest vandalism they have install cameras and the purses have GPS devices inside that detect movement so making it more difficult to shop there in the future. Who knew shopping in the desert could be so swanky ok it for looks only, This area has become a popular destination since it was installed in 2005 people were ariving by the car loads while we were there. What else are you going to do in far west texas on a Saturday night! Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photography - Tod Grubbs / Cynthia Hestand.

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