Austin Skyline Ultra Wide Panorama

Austin Skyline Ultra Wide Panorama - Our latest Austin aerial skyline pano with the new independent or Jingle building as some call it in the cityscape along the shoreline in an ultra wide format. Austin has been growing by leaps and bounds and in the past ten years the skyline has changed radically. We have added many new skycrapers with our tallest just completed at a 685 ft, with the Austonian second still at 683 ft so we are reaching for the sky still. We have heard that their will be two more even taller building starting this year both over 800 feet. With Austin still growing every year at a whopping 105 people a day moving to this city it suffering some real growing pains when it comes to traffic. The population at the last census in 2016 was 947, 890. This image give a good look at the city from the Vic Mattis park or auditorium shore for us long timers in the city which runs along Lady Bird Lake near the first street bridge which crosses over town lake into downtown. The hike and bike trail runs around the lake and it is one of the features that make Austin so special to many old and new comers to the area. This new skyline show the all the new buildings along the shore line like the new google building and many new condo near the pedestrian bridge. The state capital is located in Austin, along with many high tech companies plus several universites like UT, Sant Edwards, and ACC. Lets not forget the triving music industry which gave Austin it name of live music captial.

This Austin Skyline image is very wide at 5 x 1 May require some cropping because it is bigger than 5x1.  Please contact us for pricing. Photo © copyright by Bee Creek Photography - Tod Grubbs / Cynthia Hestand.